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Complete protection on your orders with Insuredcart

Unlock full package protection by adding Insuredcart at checkout and enjoy smooth 1-click claims filing.

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Effortlessly resolve order issues

Insuredcart reduces effort through a seamless claims filing process. Lost, damaged, or stolen items are easily resolved with a few taps, letting you get along with your day.

Insuredcart at point of checkout

An exclusive option during the checkout that enables package protection and one-click refunds and reorders.

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One-Click Protection

Select the Insuredcart option to secure your shipment from loss, damage or theft.

Protect orders from getting lost, damaged or stolen

One-Click Claims

Your order is instantly backed by Insuredcart.

Refunds or reorders in just a few clicks

Instant Approval

Your order is instantly backed by Insuredcart.

Lost in transit
Broken in transit
Stolen in transit

Get instant protection

Join us on the way toward a better shopping experience

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